While many varieties of kratom are grown in Indonesia due to it’s near perfect climate, Indo Kratom, the White strain included, tends to denote kratom grown specifically on the tropical island of Sumatra. When focus and attention are on the agenda, White Indo kratom should be as well! Put your right foot forward with this ideal way to start your day. Excellent when brewed with citrus and cinnamon.

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White Kratom is a wonderful coffee replacement and Kava really chills me out like alcohol used to (slowed down my drinking for health reasons) and this site is the most reliable place to get it regularly. Love the White Indo! I occasionally get the Red Horn leaf kratom as well if Im having trouble sleeping. Wonderful products that more people should know about!

Doneisha / Miami, Florida

I drink Kratom tea every day and it helps my anxiety a lot. Kratom Online seriously has the best prices and smoothest Kratom tea. I could not recommend it more highly.

Alyssa / Staten Island, New York

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Interesting Facts About White Indo Kratom

  • White Indo Kratom is cultivated in Indonesia, specifically in the dense forests of the island of Sumatra. The region’s climate and soil composition contribute to the unique alkaloid profile of this strain.
  • White Indo Kratom is reported to have mood-boosting effects, promoting feelings of positivity, euphoria, and well-being.
  • The effects of White Indo Kratom typically last for a moderate duration, with users experiencing peak effects for 3-5 hours before gradually tapering off.
  • Due to its moderate effects, White Indo Kratom is suitable for individuals seeking sustained energy and focus throughout the day.
  • This strain is considered to be moderately potent compared to some other white vein strains. Users may require slightly higher doses to achieve the desired effects, especially if they have developed a tolerance to kratom.
  • Like other white vein varieties, White Indo Kratom might induce appetite suppression in users, which can be beneficial for users seeking to regulate weight or reduce cravings.