If you had to describe us, “health conscious” would definitely top the list. When we cook, we cook with natural, organic ingredients; when we garden, we use natural oils and fertilizers rather than toxic commercial pesticides. That’s who we’ve always been, and the energy we bring to everything we do.

When we discovered kratom tea, our immediate concern was the quality and safety of what we were consuming. It seems like nowadays, there’s dozens of sketchy, untested or vaguely-tested pills and powders at every corner store and gas station in the country. However, we hold ourselves to a higher standard, and so began the long, meticulous search for a source of kratom tea whose product was equal parts potent, affordable, and transparently-tested by a third party lab. We spent months going from vendor to vendor, shop to shop, trying to find the absolute best kratom tea. We learned everything about kratom, from visual quality to taste to the best ways to brew kratom tea; we spared no expense, because quality is *always* worth it. Confident in the quality of what we were consuming, we turned our thoughts to bringing these wonderful teas to the greater public – they help us every day, and we wanted to share that experience with everyone! After finding the best kratom tea for our and everyone’s enjoyment, we turned our attention to finding a testing location that would impress us with it’s sophistication and attention to detail – and we were lucky enough to find one in only a couple weeks! Everything fell into place like Providence – all we need now is you!